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CONFERENCE | A Virtual Story
Speakers: Yelena Rachitsky (OCULUS STORY STUDIO), Edward Saatchi (OCULUS STORY STUDIO), Eugene Chung (PENROSE STUDIO) & Arnaud Colinart (EX NIHILO)
Moderator: Yelena Rachitsky (OCULUS STORY STUDIO)

CONFERENCE | VR Made in Luxembourg
Speakers: Vincent Ravalec (Director, Fan Club), Stéphane Hueber-Blies (Producer, A_BAHN), Bernard Michaux (SAMSA FILM), Olivier Pesch (Writer/Director, Next) & Frederic Zeimet (Writer, Next)

CONFERENCE | Virtual Reality and Cinema: Opportunities for Monetisation
Speakers: Paul Lee (DELOITTE), Mario Kenyon (FURIOUS M.), Jip Sahmoud (THE VR CINEMA), Alex Barder (VRWERX, LLC.) & Eugene Chung (PENROSE STUDIOS)
Moderator: Jeremy Kay (SCREEN INTERNATIONAL)

CONFERENCE | Challenges of storytelling, technology and distribution
Speakers: SS Rajamouli (Director, Baahubali), Raja Koduri (RADEON TECHNOLOGY GROUP, AMD) & Shobu Yarlagadda (Producer, Baahubali)
Moderator: Patrick Frater (VARIETY)

CONFERENCE | Capturing The Millennials: How Cinema Innovation Can Win A New Generation For Film
Speakers: Michel Ferry (CINEMA LES CARMES), Allison Gardner (GLASGOW FILM THEATER) & Krijn Meerburg (LANTAREN VENSTER)
Moderator: Michael Gubbins (SAMPOMEDIA)

CONFERENCE | The Audience Mindset: A Creative Renaissance for Filmmaking, Funding and Distribution
Speakers: Lene Børglum (SPACE ROCKET NATION), Mike Goodridge (PROTAGONIST PICTURES), Johanna Koljonen (media analyst), Andy Whittaker (DOGWOOF) & Martin Dawson (CREATIVE EUROPE)

REPORT | Virtual reality at NEXT pavilion
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